Little things aren’t big enough


Big things are big enough to ignore. It’s the little things that get on my nerves. As an editor, writers who don’t take the time to run spell check irk me. It only takes few minutes to hit the button for it, then click ignore or change several times and they’d be done.

Gum under chairs and tables is nothing but laziness from people who can’t think ahead far enough to save the wrapper or find a trash can. The sound of chewing drives me up the wall. It grates on my ears like fingernails on a chalkboard…but that sound doesn’t bother me at all.

Drivers who don’t have the sense to merge into a lane until they’re at the point where another driver will either have to swerve into the next lane, or let the pushy fool in front are not only ignorant, they’re dangerous. The flat tire fairy needs lo visit them.

Computer users who randomly delete system files deserve the blue screen of death they get when they reboot. Snoopers going through other people’s belongings should find a sharp object one day. Hopefully, it will be pointed up when they do.

People whose feet are too heavy to pick up when they walk should quit wearing shoes and scuff their feet on the sidewalk. It’d be a lot quieter, and they would build up business for band aid companies.

Students in the back of class yapping and passing notes instead of paying attention to the instructor should be kicked out of class, along with everyone who brings a pager to class and won’t set it to vibrate.

Socks that refuse to stay up and consistently crawl down into people’s shoes should be unraveled and made into tennis balls.

Leave things on my desk, and I reserve the right to move them someplace else. Finding them later is your problem. May anyone going through things I’ve put in order and not returning them to the same order have all the labels on the cans in their kitchen fall off.

Like I said, big things are easy to ignore. It’s all the little things that drive me up the wall.

But then again…that’s no biggie.

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