Entry no 1- ‘A Hero’ by Sachini Amarasekera

Valentine's Day Contest
Valentine’s Day Contest
I imagined my hero
A hero in the making
He would make me laugh effortlessly
Share with me a burden too heavy
And so lighten my heart to a feather
Answer to , my every need
And not for once…
Regret,deny or compromise
Any of my favours
Too many a number
To me, in my minds eye he looked swell
A knight in shining armour
Well built and tall
He was
Only, I didn’t see it  as I was blinded by my delusion
But today I see it as he sits before me
In the same checked shirt,trousers and bomber jacket….
He wore the previous day
My thoughts go back to my high school years
“hey jimbo! Shall I give you another shirt this Christmas?
At least then you’ll get out of that rag!”
Chris, a jockey flashes across my mind
A jeering smile on his face,his crew around him
The girls with their plastic smiles
And his cronies trying to scrape their moment of fame
I didn’t notice till now he had a spoilt tooth blemishing his
Toothy grin
I see another smile which twitches the corners of my mouth
And stretches it into an involuntary smile
“Your soup”
As I try to hoist myself,he motions me to stop
And starts ladling the soup into my mouth
The nurse comes in
“That’s a nasty hit you just had miss if it weren’t for this fellow
Who brought u to the ICU  just in the nick of time
U would have bled yourself to death
Getting caught to a tow truck!
Who would have thought you’ll open your eyes in 48 hours”
She leaves after saying goodbye to jim
I stare transfixed,
His perfect and pearly white smile greets me like before…
From the adjacent desk every morning without fail
And in those eyes I see my hero
His shining armour the checked shirt,trousers
And bomber jacket……..
About the Author: Sachini Amarasekera, a student of KMC, Mangalore. This is a poetry submitted for the Valentine’s Day Contest.

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