The celebrations have begun. Utsav, the Annual, Inter college festival, organized by the cultural co-ordination committee of Manipal University is back. Once again, MAHE’s best gear up to take on each other and prove who is best. Tempers flare and emotions run high as the constituent colleges of Manipal University give it their all.

Utsav 2016 began with staff utsav on the 4th, where suit and tie were traded for more colourful garb as the staff showed off their talent. The fifth witnessed the much awaited cultural parade. The themes varied from dance forms to religion, women empowerment and cartoons. While the Rani of Jhansi gave everyone goosebumps, spongebob squarepants and Johnny Bravo brought back the pleasant memories from childhood.

The day was concluded with the eastern solo and group vocal events that left everyone humming to some beautiful tunes.

Utsav is off to a good start and is all ready to pick up momentum. We are all in for quite a ride this week. The participants were quite enthusiastic as well.

When asked how he liked utsav, a participant said, ” Utsav is always good.”

Another described it as vibrant.

One felt that day one didn’t attract huge crowds but expected day two to be a lot more crowded.

As utsav is gaining momentum, it promises more laughter and wonder with more mesmerizing performances to come, with each theme as unique and as thought provoking.

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