How ‘Mindful’ of things are you? Most of us just get through the day by existing. Our lives have become so fast-paced, that we don’t stop to reflect and recollect on ourselves. We’ve forgotten how to be mindful of ourselves because our minds are always full. But, here is a beautiful team from AIESEC, who reminds us why mental health and well-being are important. 

Q: What does mental health mean to you?

A: “Yeah, bro, we get it, don’t try to be all Gen Z and woke with me.”

How many times have you come across this conversation? How many times do you feel like people are just talking to fill the gaps and appear deep? But, at the same time, you felt it too. 

Here is a group of people trying to be mindful about these little things, and trying to learn, help, and seek growth in mental health. This group started the campaign “Mindful” to shed light on how mental health is being overlooked and hopefully inspire people to change themselves in whatever way suits them. 

 So why do they do this? What do they get out of it?

 “Nah, I like being alone; people annoy me these days” or “I can’t go without talking to people; I need to tell this to someone.” And the response you get is: “yeah, bro, same.”

The world we live in has layers upon layers of this same duality and helplessness. And when people try to speak up about it, they end up getting categorized too. 

 But these people are talking to people, sharing their experiences, and keeping them honest. That’s what matters—keeping it all real. They’ve managed to do this brilliantly in various ways. One was an interactive session held with the founder of ‘Yoveda,’ Tapan Parikh, about the connection between the body and the mind. (A quick note, the four pillars of health are: Lung capacity, Flexibility, Balance, and Strength; apparently, the slower you breathe, the longer you live.)

 Here’s a look into what mental health and well-being mean to the team:

 Aadit, who handles External Relations, talks about how it is to do with “‘Deflating the mind by releasing some of the mindfulness.” 

Adarshkrishnan, who handles Delegation and Marketing, talks about how most people weren’t prepared to live with their own thoughts and how this entire pandemic was an unexpected shock. “Man up” or “Toughen up” seems to be the norm in Indian society and societies in general, which actually makes things a little worse for the mind.

Syona, in charge of Content creation, talks about how bizarre it is that we don’t talk about mental health, considering that we’ve all had our own tryst with it. She also talks about how people should regard mental illnesses instead of just shunning them.

Paridhi, also in charge of Delegation and Marketing, talks about how it is to be positive and carefree while coping up with the ups and downs of life.

Saisha, the President, talks about how healing makes things better. It’s all about being able to make some changes. 


Start working on yourselves, and remember, even those minor changes matter a lot. Be mindful 🙂


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