How To Help Your Man Give Up His Interest In Pornography

Many men are attracted to pornography. They have in their instincts to be active on their urge if they see something that can stimulate their needs. This is their way out to help in their desires in sex.
You have to trust your boyfriend that to view movies or reading pornography will not lead them to become infidel to you. You see its natural for them. Imagine that as a child, you often wet in your bed, because it is natural for us at that time, this is also true for man. The best thing that we can do is to teach them not to be tempted in doing their urge by:

These are the possible tips for you to help your boyfriend:

1. Tell the truth that you are uncomfortable with him reading or viewing things that concerns pornography.

2. Tell him that this kind of behavior only promotes sex urges and it is considered sin which is called lust. Thus they remove the dignity of being private, respect with your partner and love for each other.

3. Give him something to work on, do not keep him idle and think of sexual urges in his mind. Those things that he loves to do, basketball, football, soccer or plainly anything to keep his mind of the things like pornography. A quote said that “an idle mind is a devil’s playground’’

4. Keep in mind that communication leads to a better understanding between you and your boyfriend. Give him the chance to do his being committed to you and not doubt that he is not an infidel just because he loves to view pornographic materials. Tell him you love him and that you trust him not to do read or view pornographic materials in anyway to break your trust.

5. And think of this way is his interest with pornographic materials to the extent that he can’t let you feel that you are his girlfriend? When there is a hint of being like that in your relationship then begin to worry about it. But if not then be happy that he loves you and make him feel that it’s the same mutual feelings with you. Insecurity may arise one time or another, do not let it break the good and lasting relationship that you have with your man.

6. Talk, talk and more talk – ask him why is he so much interested in reading and seeing that kind of materials. Maybe your there is something missing in your relationship that he finds it amusing to read and satisfy him and his needs. Confiding your thoughts and feelings with him will make him feel that you care for him and you want to give him the satisfaction of voicing out his wants in your relationship. Communication is the only thing in the world that is free and can understand the heartaches with the relationship.

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