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Inside the Pulwama Attack

Valentine’s day is never going to be the day that marks love for the family of those thirty martyrs who have lost their lives in the attacks of Pulvama last evening. If you look at the principles of Gandhi, an […]

Motivation and Spirituality

The purpose in life

The question everyone has – What is the purpose of my life? Here are a few words from some sages, gurus and renowned thinkers. 1)Sadhguru jaggi vasudeva- The purpose of life is to live totally. To experience life in totality […]

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Summer splurge

There is a shopping exhibition going on in KMCgreens where there all these cool stores from Bangalore. The exhibition is on 23rd and 24th, which is Saturday and Sunday,and I have been super excited all week. I was there by […]

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Bad powerpoint presentations

The way the teachers act, I think they think PowerPoint presentation filled with random stuff and flow charts and tables are somehow going to magically capture our attention and teach us everything. The so called magic-teaching device they think it […]