Summer splurge

There is a shopping exhibition going on in KMCgreens where there all these cool stores from Bangalore. The exhibition is on 23rd and 24th, which is Saturday and Sunday,and I have been super excited all week. I was there by 3ish yesterday even though the plan was to go at 5ish so the weather is cool…that plan didn’t work out, I guess. I’m glad my patience doesn’t exist cause I heard that some store was almost sold out yesterday evening and they might close before today.

I did tons of shopping and I’m probably going to go back today cause I am not done.

There was this store, Spoil me silly, which had all these real silver jewellery. The woman selling them said that when you see silver jewellery, its really hard to get it out of your mind, which is probably true so I did buy something. Its been more than 12 hrs and I still haven’t stopped admiring it.

This one called kya cheez hai was selling all these kinda cool, but really useful stuff. It was all ‘indian guy with turban’ magnets( which could double up as key holders) pretty plastic pillows, cable twisters and even pendrives that you might be able to wear or wrist or bag. I bought one of those cable twisters, which are now keeping headphones in perfect place.

This other one called dottedi, had these bikini shaped cookies which were really good. And it also had these magnets and candles with wacky quotes. There was this one more store, objects with light I really wanted too see, but they only opened at sunset and I was dead from shopping by then.

I’m going again today, and its not for the stuff, but the endorphin rush!!!

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