Inside the Pulwama Attack

revenge or erradication of the idea of terrorism, where should the focus lie?

Representative image source from Pixabay

Valentine’s day is never going to be the day that marks love for the family of those thirty martyrs who have lost their lives in the attacks of Pulvama last evening.

If you look at the principles of Gandhi, an eye for an eye shall make the world turn blind. But if one looks at Bhagwadgeeta, our scriptures have advised us to not flinch in raising war by the side of what one thinks is the “dharma” or the right path.

No amount of compensation or condolence will ever fill the void left by the deceased. There are people with their blood boiling at this news and army men who have sworn revenge already in their minds.

To cut off this chain of hatred and speak of spreading love and peace seems impractical in this scenario when men on duty are losing their lives. Its said if you kill one, we will kill ten. But, the spirit of war needs to be questioned. If the audience sitting in a theater can enjoy a soldier’s death because he belongs to the enemy country, then it goes without saying the audience on the other side is celebrating the death of your soldiers too. In totality, we are a bunch of humans cherishing and hooting at the death and destruction of everything that we fail to relate to our own country or community.

This doesn’t mean that we advocate forgiveness or mercy. The history of extra noble behavior from India’s side has caused us more losses than was ever speculated. The stances of every other country that participated in the UN global counter terrorism strategy is based on four pillars –

  1. addressing the conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism
  2. preventing and combating terrorism
  3. building states capacity and strengthening the role of the United Nations
  4. ensuring human rights and the rule of law.

Terrorism is not a phenomenon exclusive to India but its impact over the Indian lives particularly in the state of Kashmir is catastrophic. The attack over the army, security, police forces of a country is equal to questioning the power and integrity of the nation

In conclusion, immediate violence and revenge is needed to punish the wrongdoers and remind the terrorists that we are no longer going to overlook the lost lives of our martyrs but in the long run humanity will have to rise to a point where non violence will be a pragmatic conscious choice between nations and groups with difference in ideologies.