Democracy of the Offended

A while back  ‘INTOLERANCE’ was a buzz word in India and now I understand what it actually referred to. No, It is not Religion Intolerance that India is suffering from. We, my dear friends, are a Democracy of the Offended.


The Manipal Stereotype

First thoughts of Manipal: Sikkim. Second: Drug Addicts. Over the years, Manipal has had these two clear-cut impression for the outsiders, what I would like to call “The Manipal Stereotype”. The first one is obviously one’s bad-geography, the second one

Manipal Doodle

A Goodbye to Manipal

Thank you Manipal for treating me well and giving me much more than I asked for! It feels like yesterday when I first came to my hostel room wondering how the hell I’m going to spend the next 4 years!

National & World

Yeh Mera India. . .

India, the world’s largest democracy is passing through turbulent times lately. The population is increasing, unemployment is at its peak, inflation escalating, the economy is shrinking as the rupee hits new low with every passing day, but alas, the political

The Living fort - Sonar Quila, Jaisalmer


Trips, unplanned turn out to be much more fun than those planned before. The amount of excitement is always breathtaking as you don’t know what the trip has to offer you. Starting from Bhubaneshwar I found myself in  Jaisalmer (via