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How do I prepare for the IIT-JEE 2023?

Every IIT-JEE aspirant wants to know how to begin preparation for the IIT-JEE exam 2023. IIT-JEE preparation needs efforts and dedication. Therefore, it is essential to know the basics of examination. IIT-JEE is a standardized test which is conducted for

Democracy of the offended 1

Democracy of the Offended

A while back¬† ‘INTOLERANCE’ was a buzz word in India and now I understand what it actually referred to. No, It is not Religion Intolerance that India is suffering from. We, my dear friends, are a Democracy of the Offended.

The manipal stereotype 3

The Manipal Stereotype

First thoughts of Manipal: Sikkim. Second: Drug Addicts. Over the years, Manipal has had these two clear-cut impression for the outsiders, what I would like to call “The Manipal Stereotype”. The first one is obviously one’s bad-geography, the second one