Not Placed Yet? Well, Read on! Your Journey just began…

Life throws us many challenges and how we deal with is what distinguishes us from the crowd.

As the placement semester is nearing its end, many students, unplaced and partly placed lose their focus. The very sight of your friends getting placed every now and then and placement parties every other day may desecrate your self-confidence.

Rejections after Rejections make us deviate from the path. We become comfortably numb.
But this is exactly the point where exactly we shouldn’t lose our hope.

After a certain point people lose their self-confidence, and what comes in is Bribing God! This will bring tremendous psychological damage to yourself, unknowingly!

Placement Success

Going through the same phase myself, I can perfectly resonate with the situation. After getting rejected from around 12 companies, I had lost all hopes.

Wearing formals for placement process was a daily chore. My dad always asked me to give my best and not care about the results.

This is what I exactly did. With time came patience. Very good interviews. Damn hopeful! REJECTED.

Sometime you feel cheated,sometimes you curse your fate.

I belonged to the CS/IT Branch Category (Yes,the ‘sasti branches’ which get placed early) where people get placed faster than the 100 rupee notes gets exhausted in the MIT ATMs!

Believe me,I was the last guy to get a core-company offer in my branch ,on campus.

And I was numb. The thrill was gone. The day you will least expect for results, you will get it that day. After 10 months, I was sitting in the same campus, same interview panel room, but this time on the other side of the table, taking interviews!

That’s life. Takes you places.

Looking back, all I can say with a smile is, these type of situations make you strong and gets you charged for the battle ahead.

My advice to all juniors would be stop being desperate. Give your best shot and things will fall into perspective sooner or later.

Results may be delayed if not denied if you are truly worthy of it.

I gave the same advice to an old friend who got placed recently and her reaction was exactly the same ‘I didn’t expect it at all. I was least prepared for this company’.

Push your imaginary limits. Don’t take rejections too seriously. Remember, you are only as good as your next mistake. Shift your attitude a bit, don’t shift your goals and priorities. It’s all about your day. Buckle up!

The old line always pumped me up ‘samay se pehle aaur taqdeer se jyaada kisi ko kuch nehi milta’! Truer words have never been spoken.

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