10 Tips for the MITian at the Placement Interview

Interview Tips
First impression isn’t necessarily the last impression always but it facilitates the interviewer note some quick points about you.

So the placement season has begun with full swing and riding on the success of Nadella and Rajeev Suri, MIT Manipal placement statistics has seen a positive drift off late. Being present on both sides of the table in the interview room, here is a short and sweet DO NOTs (specially keeping MITians in mind) from my very own experience.

1.Be well dressed and well groomed.Having a good personal hygiene is of utmost importance: That will be your first impression, and as they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Look fresh. I have seen people who came to the interviews with a hangover, and, almost zero energy. Boy! Your interview is finished before it started!

2.DO NOT try to act smart (or if you are smart, be your normal self. Do not Overdo it!): Be as genuine as possible. Interviewers like people who do not go beating round the bush and are straightforward. There is a high chance of you getting hired, not for your technical proficiency but for your skills and honesty. If you don’t know something just say sorry and you don’t seem to remember the same. Presenting any unnecessary excuse that may ward off the interviewer.

3.Know what you have included in your CV: If you have listed some technical languages in your CV, it is always better to list the skill level in the same (basic, advanced etc.). Upon being asked a question, answers like ‘I just know the basic’ irritates the interviewer. So it’s always better to mention beforehand in the CV. If you have worked in some college clubs or festivals, you should be able to explain the nature of work and your contribution in the same. Be proud of your accomplishments present it in a humble way.

4.While creating your CV, it is always advisable to restrict it to one page: Having said that, DO NOT try to include too much of information in a single sheet of page. Try to make it as neat and as appealing as possible. If you have some additional information which you cannot do away with and think it is necessary, go for a 2 page CV.

A better looking and well structured 2-page CV is any day well received than a cramped up 1 page CV. Proof read your CV before making a final copy. Avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Avoid active clauses.
cvmkr.com is a beautiful site with many CV templates that are a treat to your eyes. If you have a different template, it will definitely stand out and will further go to prove that you have taken some effort to create the same, without just going with the flow, copying the standard resume templates!
5.Mind your tone, be it Group discussion round, Case-Study round, Presentation round or the Face to Face round!
DO NOT show any arrogance or stubbornness.Be as humble & as calm & composed as possible. Allow everyone to present their respective points in GDs and be precise while presenting yours.Support your point with valid examples.
Don’t be too bossy in a GD round.

6. Do NOT touch the religion or Political nerve of the Interviewer: If asked any such questions about the current affairs, present your best knowledge and avoid taking firm stands on topics such as religion or politics.

7. There is a very very thin line between being Confident and Over Confident! DO NOT cross that line.

8.DO NOT sound too desperate for the job in front of the interviewer: Even if you have been rejected from ‘n’ number of companies before, take every day as a fresh day and be your confident self.

9. DO NOT hint the interviewer about your higher studies prospects: Your game will be finished then and there !  Be ready to face questions which revolve around this indirectly and be well prepared with the answers.  The interviewer will try all tricks in the book to pose this question.Be alert!

10.Last but not the least, DO NOT show up without the basic knowledge about the company and the profile being offered: Know what are the operational areas of the company and its work culture. Glassdoor.com will come to rescue here for when you miss the Pre-Placement talks. And it is always better to have an updated Linkedin profile.

Good Luck.There will be rough times ahead, but I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the ride.

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