Are We Allowed To Be Bored In The 21st Century?

The modern world is dominated by constant need for communication, entertainment and fun. Viral videos, news articles, movies, songs and TV shows are popping up across the globe every day by hundreds, thousands even; social networks are on big time and multiplying fast; technology is constantly advancing and innovative gadgets and gizmos don’t stay new for long.

Internet access can be availed easily these days. More and more households are getting connected to the net through for home broadband packages, especially those people who have businesses to run. However, choosing the best broadband connection for your home can be mind cracking because of the myriad of offers available to the customer.

So, really, how can one so much as think of feeling jaded in the 21st century? Here, we bring you several tips on how to keep boredom at bay and have fun at the same time without even leaving your home.

Social networks: Modern craze for fresh updatespic (1)

Though we’ve heard it said by some social critics that global community networks have an adverse impact on interpersonal relations, public-oriented websites and mobile applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Viber and WhatsApp do have a range of positive effects on the modern man. More than ever before, we can stay connected with our loved ones and call/message them when we feel lonely, bored, sad or just eager for some quality time with people we consider dear and important to us. By a simple press of a button, you can get all the attention, love, sharing and caring you need – and you can also meet new people online, so if you don’t have a soc-net account yet, make sure you create one ASAP.

Sitcoms, Youtube and news channels: Media in all shapes and resolutionspic (2)

Thanks to the versatile connectivity of mobile devices, accessing entertaining media content like videos, news articles, music and pictures takes seconds, or even less with a reliable internet provider. From YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix to BBC, CNN and HBO, sources of funny, intriguing, interesting and educational information spring endless – and thanks to low-cost internet deals and TV packages like the one you get with Compare Broadband Bundles, boredom will definitely stay away for hours, days and months on end. Simple tune in to your favorite TV or YouTube channel and stream, record or download your favorite shows, sitcoms, films, news programs, documentaries and other content you enjoy – after all, life’s too short for dull days.

All the wonders of gadget world: The film/audio script of your lifepic (4)

In addition to accessing ready-made media and other appealing content online, advanced tech like camcorders, microphones and audio/video editing programs now allow us to create captivating clips and sounds of our own. Making the clip of your lifetime no longer calls for high-end equipment and professional cameramen teams: with an average-performing camera like the one on your smartphone, you can film just about any experience or storyline and instantly share it with the folks you care about, either through direct messaging or online. The world indeed is your oyster, for the taking and the making alike: so why just not try out your directing, singing, editing or sports skills and claim the bragging rights afterwards?  pic (3)

Bookworms in the tech: Access all the books you can read

Unlike in the past centuries, literature loves can now access any book they need or want to read by a simple swipe of the touch screen. With PCs, Amazon Kindle and billions of e-books available online, you no longer have to take a trip to the library every time you want to read something exciting, instructive or hilarious – simply download an e-book from Amazon and start scrolling through the pages right there on your connected device. With the innovative online libraries, the brick and mortar ones are quickly becoming a heritage of a long-gone era, and electronic bookshelves are helping minimize the need and costs of knowledge, fun and learning.

In a world that runs on entertainment, being bored is no longer an option – so in case you feel like there’s nothing fun going on in your life, it’s solely up to you to make the change. After all, you only live once, so make it count.

About the Author: John Stone is a DIY enthusiast who occasionally likes to put his ideas down to paper and share them with like-minded people. He is a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. His fields of interest include home improvement, sustainability, new technologies, and pretty much all-things-DIY. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar and watching Formula 1.

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