An infinity of love…. – Poem by Sravan Chenji

An endless beauty feasting my eyes,
An infinity of wonder in my sight,
I lay on the grass,
Staring at the stars of the night,

As they sparkled,
Like the diamonds on my angels neck,

The night ended and the day dawned,
My eyes crave again to be charmed,

I woke her up, smearing her hair,
Held her in my arms and looked into her eyes,

An infinity of love in my sight,
Wishing that would last forever,
There I lay on the grass,
With my angel in my arms…

About the poet: Sravan Chenji is a Post graduate student at the Department of Community Medicine, KMC, Manipal. He writes under the pen name “Archangel”. You can find more of his poems at his Facebook page.

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