All That I Lost – A Poem by Saswata Ghosh

One foot in the past, and one in the future,
I asked myself- “Which road to venture?”
Where will I find, the spring of eternal rapture?
Or is it just a mirage, my heart choses to chase,
Forgetful of past dangers, that tormenting phase?
…All for a thirst, still unquenched after days.

All that I prayed, was for a few drops of rain,
Soon to be deluged, I was with horror and pain,
From fractures of my consciousness, taking years to drain.
…All because I saw, an ocean in someone’s eyes.
Two palms full of love, my parched lips could suffice-
Short lived was the euphoria, coz I succumbed to those lies…

All that I dreamt- was to grow old in your arms;
Loved I just you, not this world and its charms.
Untouched I thought I was, from Destiny and its harms.
For all I ever needed, was your loving hand in mine
Yet why you fell from grace, forgot to draw that line;
How ignored you choking cries, of my heart beating in thine?

All that I had left- were a few smiles and healing scars.
Rest all tales of agony, surviving one-sided wars;
Then you came with compassion, voiced myth of shooting stars.
Still unsure I warned you not, to lead me down that road.
But you bet your shade could bring, this wandering soul abode;
Yet I stand among walls wherein, my sighs had once echoed.

All my world comprised, was with you and a soul unborn,
To lose myself in your eyes, to kiss them every morn.
Yet dreams all now lay trampled, sweet promises Ah forlorn!
They ask if I can forgive you still, for old good times enjoyed:
Does courage remain in him who saw, his tender hopes destroyed?
Don’t speak of dreams for I’ve enough, nightmares to fill my void.

Posted initially on facebook.


  1. I just kinda read though the first time but then I found myself a bit lost so I went and re read it. No doubt the poem is good and well expressed but that is not what I want to bring to your notice here.What I find really appreciating in this is apart from a really good ending and a real pain taken to rhyme is the fact that it stimulates the reader's own thoughts which I feel should be the ultimate motto of a poem.

  2. Thanks Vikram,
    I am really touched by the way my poem made you feel. My poems are close to my heart, and an attempt to dive into them is akin to knowing me better. It is a feeling that inspires me to connect with my readers through these rhyming words…

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