I’m Moving Away – Dolphy D'souza

I would leave the leaf unturned ,
Under which your thoughts may rest..
I would never follow that path,
On which you put me to test….
I hope you wont be alone,
When you journey to the west.
I would preserve you in my heart…
Coz this is what i can do the best…

There would be a day when you realize,
As those days of past you would visualize.
Not many have attained the high protocols of love,
You would find me high, higher than the skies above.
A day you would need my acceptance,
You would slide down, as you had reduced my chance.
I could have filled the land,
By the ocean of love…
Would have promised never 2 move away.
Please don’t write thy name on sand..
The waves might carry it from you.. far away.

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