A never ending saga – Poem by Ian Lloyd Anthony

"Greed - Humans are not the only ones." by Sajith M

I have lived long enough to know,
The pain anyone can endure,
No reason to live,
In this world I no longer know,

It is not clear what lies before me,
Heaven only knows,
What my searching is for,
For better or worse,
For good or bad,
Destiny lies in the hands of the Creator.

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I see hands reaching out to me,
To be saved by the cruelty of man himself,
Cries of children echo in fear,
Pleading for sympathy,
Mortal lives, none are spared,
Hear no evil, speak no evil,
Do no evil.

The mines,
Always dark and cold,
No friendly face or smile,
Only harsh words and lashes of anger,
Why, why must the world be so bitter?
Discrimination against women, children,
It just carries on like a never-ending saga.

Where justice does not prevail,
Man becomes earth’s most fearsome predator,
Creating mischief, exploiting her,
By the greed of mankind,
An uncontrollable desire.

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