A Day in the Life of an MIT Manipal Fresher

Describing a possible routine for a person residing in the 17th block having class at 8 in the morning and has all 4 classes in the morning half and is not having a full day (as you can see, there are a lot of variables to describe a daily routine):

Step 1: Try to wake up in the morning; at 7 if you wanna go to the bathroom and have breakfast, 7:30 if you wanna do only either of those, 7:45 if you wanna do neither and don’t mind getting a little late. Whatever you do, you need to walk a long way to reach your classroom. And remember, it’s a climb.

Step 2: (Considering you woke up in the first step) Try to pay attention to what is being taught in the classes. If you can’t, do something on your phone for the rest of the time or chat with your peers as quietly as you can (a lot more options exist, you can figure them out for yourself)

Step 3: You have a class at 8, another at 9. Then you get a break at 10. During the break, go out, grab a Chinese samosa, come back in (or bunk if you are feeling like shit, and if you have attendance).

Step 4: You again have 2 more classes at 10:30 and 11:30. Classes end at 12:30, hooray!

Step 5: Walk all the way back to food-court. Look around, eat, talk with friends, do whatever you feel like doing and then go back all the way downhill to your hostel.

Step 6: Reach your room by around 1:15, then you have so many options that you could take! Some might lead to death, others might get you high, decide carefully what to do. (Let’s skip to 8 PM then).

Step 7: Walk all the way to food-court again. If you have a lot of money, you can order a pretty cheap chicken biryani from Shubham restaurant and then you don’t have to walk uphill to the food-court. If you are poor like me, then you have no choice, move your ass…

Step 8: Eat, and get back by 9:30 (cause after that, you’ll have to pay a 100 Rs fine for late entry)

Step 9: Get in, sign in the register provided (to show that you have indeed entered the hostel). Or you could get a friend to sign for you, anyways, make sure there is a sign beside your name on that date.

Step 10: Get back to your room, again do whatever you want. Lots of options again, you could die or you could have the best time of your life (if you know what I mean), the choice is all yours.

Step 11: Go to sleep if you want.

Oh…did I forget to mention studying?

Self study is for yourself to do. Neither me, nor your teachers, nor your parents can tell you what to do, the need to study should come from within you, from your heart (attained enlightenment). Once you have that, you will study on your own. How much you need to study? That’s entirely up to you.

I studied like only during the exams (or a day or two before I guess) and I still managed an 8.9 (which is not bad). On the other hand, there are people who have studied much less or much more than me who have got much better or much worse grades respectively.

So its not the quantity of time you self study but rather the quality that matters. The time to do the study – you need to find it yourselves. Manipal gives you one of the most number of free hours as far as Indian colleges are concerned (and I guess in your case, number of classes are even lesser since your credits have been further sliced down, though I’m not sure on this). How you utilize this time is up to you.

If you study intelligently, you can take part in all social activities in manipal without compromising your studies in any way.

And for all my juniors out there, no one is trying to demotivate you. Come to Manipal, we are waiting for you with open arms. All we wanna say is stop worrying and enjoy life…cause that’s what you are gonna do in Manipal.

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