8 Tips to stay awake during that boring medical lecture!

Over the last two days I’ve been compiling a list of techniques that could be used to counter sleepiness in class. Even though the list is not that exhaustive, there are enough techniques here to make sure that you don’t feel drowsy.

1) Keep writing something. If you are alert enough to take down notes, than nothing like it. Otherwise keep scribbling something. Go on create your own script.

2) Sit next to someone who’ll keep nudging you / waking you up every 5 minutes. Choose your accomplice carefully, because if he /she doesn’t like you, then…

3) Start thinking about exams. Trust me, exam phobia can work wonders.

4) See everything through the eyes of Homer Simpson.

5) Imagine Angelina Jolie taking / conducting that particular lecture / session.

6) Assume the role of Bruce Willis in ‘Die Hard.’ Your mission is to stay awake and save the class from eternal boredom.

7) Think about the day you would have to meet your girlfriend’s mother. This works, at least for me.

8) Read whatever is written on the board or shown on the slides, backwards. If you are a Tolkein fan this is great fun because everything sounds ‘Elvish.’

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