8 Manipal FAQs Answered for Freshers

What to bring to Manipal FAQ
Stuff you need while coming to Manipal, is available here!

Guys, lately I’ve got a lot of messages about the procedures involved in the campus. So, I thought I’ll post here so that everyone can refer.

Manipal FAQ #1: When should I come to Manipal?

You can come to Manipal when you want. Coming two days in advance is more than enough to settle and buy whatever you want from wherever you want.

Manipal FAQ #2: What documents should I get?

Get some 10-15 passport size photographs and 5-6 stamp size photographs. Please make sure they are the recent ones because the same pic will be used for all four years. If you fail to bring them from home, there is a shop near the MIT Main Gate (Near Sheela Restaurant, ask anyone there) where you can get your pics clicked. Get your 10th and 12th original mark sheet. Get your TC from school (just in case). You don’t need your passport (unless you are from foreign/NRI Category). Get a proof if you are applying for some scholarship. You do not need anything. If at all, you will get everything here.

P.S. Do get some attested copies of you 10th and 12th mark sheet. Sometimes they might ask for it.

Manipal FAQ #3: What all should I pack in my luggage?

Well, we’ve listed most of the stuff – What to Bring to Manipal. You can get most of the stuff at the MIT Manipal Stores. Refer the photo below. So be your own judge.

What to bring to Manipal FAQ
Stuff you need while coming to Manipal, is available here!
Photo Courtesy: Aman Duggal
You don’t need to bring these things if you want to travel light.
*Yes, stores inside the campus keep these lists.
**This may look funny at the moment but you’ll need most of these things

Manipal FAQ #4:Which network is the best?

Well, some say Airtel, some say Docomo. Everyone has their experience. I use Airtel and have not faced even a single problem in terms of network.

Manipal FAQ #5:I have XXXX rank. Will I get YYYY Branch?

Answer is we don’t really know. The cut-offs change every time. It depends on what other people chose and how their result was. So you have to take a wild guess yourself.

Manipal FAQ #6:What is the procedure to book/change a room?

You have to mail to chiefwarden.mit[at]manipal.edu if you want answer to any query related to hostel. He will change your room if you don’t like it (provided its available). He will also give you the info about how much money has to be deposited and where.

Manipal FAQ #7:Do I need to make special arrangements for the SBI account? I am a minor what do I do?

The admission order is a proof that you will soon be an adult. This will be your own independent account. You don’t need any special documents to open this account.

Manipal FAQ #8: Should I attend orientation? Is it okay if I don’t? Is it okay if I come late to college?

Yes it’s absolutely fine if you don’t attend the orientation. But its highly recommended that you do as you will get to know a lot about the college and the clubs in the college through the orientation. In addition to that they tell you about various procedures to be followed if you have to open an account, deposit fee, apply for hostel etc.

It’s absolutely fine that you come late to college as long as you keep up a 75% attendance. Please take this criteria very seriously because even if you have 74.5%, they wont allow you to sit for your exams. 75% means you can bunk a total of 12 classes (taking into consideration that a min of 48 classes have to be taken by the professors).

About the Author: This is an article by Ms. Sowmini Chandra, an Electronics and Communication Engineering student and Mr. Keshav Shahi, a Mechatronics Engineering student at Manipal Institute of Technology, MIT, Manipal. These FAQs were originally posted in the Manipal Freshers group 2014 – 2018 on Facebook.


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