7 Tips for the MIT Manipal Graduate from an Alumnus

Hi, these are just a few things I learnt over the past year after graduating from MIT Manipal and thought of  sharing with all those who enter these hallowed gates after me. I sincerely hope, this will help you in your ambitions during and after you complete your engineering course.

  1. Our college is better than most of the engineering colleges in the country (barring few IITs, NITs and BITS). When I entered the college in 1st year I was unhappy about not making to one of the above colleges. Now after 5 years, I realize that what I gained in those 4 years would not have been possible if I had made to one of the above colleges. What I realized that technical skills of everyone is at par but what helps you in going forward in life (job/higher studies) are the soft skills and your progressive mindset (it’s the hard fact of life). This you will learn amply at Manipal and will not gain in other colleges.

Interact with as many people as possible in college because the crowd that comes in our college is better than most of the other colleges (we don’t have reservations.We call on merit). Interacting with them will help develop opinion and knowledge which helps you in communicating during interviews. Interviews and communications matter more than your technical skill in moving forward.

2) Focus on studies. Good GPA always is valued. Get as many marks as possible in first 2 years so that you can give time in third and fourth year for SOPs, placements and other exams preparation (at least this was what helped me).

3) Try to have at least few positions of responsibility. It’s always a talking point in interviews, and will help give you much-needed opportunities to show your leadership skills and develop a lot of soft skills in managing teams.

4) We have some of the best professors (although some are not so good). Make use of their knowledge. In electrical we had Gururaja sir, Mohan Kumar sir, Bharathi ma’am, Savitha ma’am, B K Singh sir, Jayalakshmi ma’am, and Mala ma’am. They are very knowledgeable in the subject. These teachers are always happy to help you. Make use of this opportunity. And finally Veena ma’am. What I am in life today, more than 50% of the contribution is by Veena ma’am.

5) Always be in touch with national and international news. It always helps in interviews.

6) Have good relation with placement committee. The Placement team including Giridhar P. Kini and Nakul Shetty sir (at our time) put in a lot of effort in calling a company and our college has good reputation among companies. Don’t destroy that reputation which your seniors and college have built with their hard work.

7) Finally and most importantly keep in touch with seniors and network with them. We have our alumni in IIMs, XLRI, IITs, IISC, ISRO, best US universities, top ranked IAS officers (top 100s). Search these people on LinkedIn and Facebook and connect with them. They will always be happy to help you about college choices,  job selection and other skills.

Finally, whatever knowledge and success I have gained in life after passing out of college, a part of it will always be attributed to 12/3/2012 when Veena ma’am called one of our senior to help us about college choices and other skills. So you see the importance of networking and help of seniors. If possible request college authorities to call few of them to help you.

Best of luck and MIGHTY MIGHT MIT.

About the Author: Aditya Sharma is an alumnus of Manipal Institute of technology. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering in the year 2015. He is currently pursuing MBA at IIM Kozhikode. This was originally posted in the Student council of MIT group here.

Article has been edited to give structure without modifying the gist of the topic by Dr. Vishaal Bhat.

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