5 vittles you should avoid during exams!

exam stress

Exams – the most difficult time for a student as well as his/her body. When your mind and body is already tired, you shouldn’t overload your stomach too with a burden. So keep your diet as plain and simple as possible. Here are few food stuffs you could avoid:

1. Spicy food: These are fast acting monsters for your gut. By producing irritation on the gut wall, they increase HCl secretion which will have a very unpleasant effect on your stomach. They dissolve the mucosa of gut wall and produce a bittery-sour taste in your mouth. The effect of which, I am sure, most of you guys would have experienced. Try avoiding dishes like Chaat, Pani-Puri, etc, just before exams. Not only that, in the long run try eating these food only once a month.

2.Non-Vegetarian food: I know, when I mention this, a lot of people would not feel like reading the article anymore. But it’s a fact that non-vegetarian food takes longer time to digest than vegetarian food. Our body needs a lot of digestive juices for converting the meat into simpler molecules and hence it leads to indigestion and fullness even after many hours. These half-digested fats and lipids are not good for our body. They indirectly decrease your concentration level by inducing sleep. So guys if you are mostly dependent on last-minute studying (like me!), and want to finish your syllabus that night itself, then avoid eating chicken, mutton etc. Studies come first, right?

Stay healthy and look beautiful.

3.Alcohol/Cigarettes: Definitely not good for health for thousands of reasons and have a deleterious effect on your beauty as well. As an immediate effect, these duo cause sedation, confusion, hallucination, drowsiness and hell lots of other effects. And the late effect can be uncountable, carcinoma (Cancer) being on its top rank. Post-Exam partying acceptable to an extent, but definitely not as Pre-Exam stress buster.

4.Ice Creams and sugary cookies: Too much of sweets may lead to an increase of your puppy fat. During exams, you hardly do any exercise and on top of that, if you eat sugar containing food items, it can create a problem which you will realize once you get out of your study table and stand on the weighing machine, which definitely will show an increase proportionally to the number of cookies you ate. Eat low-sugar biscuits if you are craving for sweets, which will solve both of the problems.
Ice creams however, may cause tonsillitis and sinusitis, if you are susceptible enough to the microbes. Also the secondary effect of it remains same as described above for sweets.

5.Fast foods: Chips, burgers, pizzas – the ultimate delicacies of teenagers and students. These items look very harmless but have a significant effect on your body. Weight gain, indigestion, flatulence, being some of them.

Have green leafy vegetables, fruits, juices, pulses, milk, dry-fruits etc, and not fast foods. They not only will satisfy your hunger, but will also increase your metabolism and have a positive effect on your body. ‘Coz the motto is- ‘Stay healthy and look beautiful.’

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