Modern Slavery – Are You a Victim?

Modern slavery

Modern slavery occurs in almost every country in the world and cuts across ethnic, cultural, and religious lines.


Any debt obligation is analogous to slavery. Especially dangerous are credit cards that are hooked on a debt hook, from which it is almost impossible to sit down. Almost everyone encountering loans has faced incomprehensible situations that no one had previously warned about. Plus, this life in debt is a kind of addiction.0% credit cards interest-free loan

Understanding that there is an opportunity to buy a cool thing now and not later adds to the temptation to spend more than you can afford. And then everything accumulates like a snowball, and you are already forced to either pay lawyers (at best) or overpay some cosmic sums to banks.

Expensive expenses.

A directly arising problem from the first point. You can’t afford to live – voluntarily surrender yourself into slavery. Spending more than you earn, you lose your money and time because you have to work tomorrow on what you bought yesterday. In such conditions, the chance of risk is reduced to a minimum. You have no room for maneuvering, there is some salary that allows you not to drown in the swamp even more, and you hold on to it with all your might. Accordingly, there is no question of self-education, especially about acquiring new skills.

Sleep problems.

Dubious slavery, but I’ll explain now. If we delve into the psychology of the masses, it becomes clear that the larger the society, the easier it is to manage. Let the leader go — the wingmen will follow. Lack of sleep is an ideal tool to influence the consciousness of consumers. Everyone buys — I’ll buy it too. Everyone’s coming— I’m coming too.

I don’t have the strength to think, and I don’t want to. I want to either fall asleep or forget that I want to sleep. From the outside, it seems very easy to take and start sleeping normally. But this is a very time-consuming process that requires sufficient effort. Especially the work schedule from morning to night, when you arrive home late and leave early. The ideal consumer.


alcoholThanks to the series, Friday’s trip to the bar was not an empty reason for drinking but a romantic argument for drinking. Alcohol and drugs greatly numb the brain, cause addiction, and suppress intelligence and immunity — these are all scientifically proven facts, not fictional fairy tales.

The illusion of joy and fun. In fact, this is a great reason to provoke you to spend some of your money on a party you won’t even remember in the morning. But what’s done is done. Go and work, work off that night that has been erased from memory. I’m sure she was worth it.

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