5 Simple and Inexpensive Ways Your Retail Business Can Go Green

Going green is very critical now and many businesses and homes are trying to do that in all they do. There are several ways you, as a business owner, can take your retail business into the eco-friendly category. From your retail packaging to your shopping bags, there are many ways to help your business go green. Here are a few inexpensive options for you and your employees to take that next step. You can also help your customers go green when they shop with you as well.

Recycled Packaging
Be sure to try and use recycled paper and packages when at all possible. Work with companies to supply your products that are also taking the green initiative. This can help your customers by showing them you are using recycled paper in your packaging, paper and other areas of the business. You can get bags that were made from recycled materials or use paper to print on that is being reused.

Recycle Your Items
Keep recycle bins in your break room and other areas so that you and your employees are recycling at every chance you get. If you can recycle it it should not be in your trash can. Make sure you go over this with new employees to know that you are a recycling business. This is something all your employees should be aware of.

Go Digital
This is one area your customers can help out too. Start emailing receipts to your customers that have email capabilities. This is one way you can cut your paper use in the business. That way you are not printing out for each customer that comes in. Some will still want the paper receipt as digital receipts are fairly new. With the smart phones and email you can send a receipt and the customer doesn’t have to worry about losing it. You can also go digital with your billing, receiving, and other paper areas of your business. A great example of this is using your POS system to help track inventory and finances: thus removing the pen and paper methods commonly associated with each.

Buy Locally
When possible it is great to buy products locally. Not only are you helping fellow business owners but you are also reducing the fuel costs to get to and from your place. You can get a lot of supplies from local business owners and help their business thrive so they can help yours.

Reusable Bags
This is another area your customers can really latch onto to help with going green. Sell reusable bags instead of using the plastic or paper options. These are a great way to reduce the trash that is going out of your store. Encourage your customers to use them by offering a discount for those who bring their own bag to the store. You can sell them in the store and offer the discount as they return with the bag.
These are just a few of the ways you can inexpensively go green. For more wonderful and informative tips you should check out the article called, 27 Ways To Prevent Climate Change: A Guide For Independent Retailers. This article is full of helpful information and more tips on you can take your business to the next level and go green!

John is a small business owner and environmental activist. In his spare time, he campaigns for companies to become more responsible in their attitudes to the environment. If you are interested to know how your eco-friendly  Retail Packaging  can help going green here is  27 Ways to Prevent Climate Change: a Guide for Independent Retailers.

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