5 Reasons Why You Should Live In A Hostel At least Once In Your Life

Living away from home comes with its own set of ups and downs, but if you have ever stayed in a hostel, you know the number of ups overshadow the number of downs. Here are few reasons why you should definitely live in a hostel at least once in your life:

  1. The freedomgiphy-1

If I were to define hostel life in one word, it had to be freedom, insane amounts of it!

Whether you sleep at 7 in the morning or not at all, whether your clothes have rested on your chair since the past two weeks or you have a perfectly neat room, whether you survive on coffee and biscuits the entire day or you actually go to the mess for meals, there is no one to scold or judge you; you are your own boss!

One of the biggest perks of living in a hostel is the freedom that comes with it. With freedom, one actually realizes the difference between what is right and what is wrong and develops decision-making skills, which in the long run helps you grow. Plus, the hunger to try something new every day is fulfilled by the opportunities hostel life has to offer.

  1. Endless conversations985014556

When you live in a hostel, you are surrounded by people 24×7 and hence you are bound to develop special bonds with some. These are those people you can have heart to heart conversations with and talk about your problems, share your views and even ask for help.

As for me, I generally have deep conversations with my roommate usually a night before exams (yes!). For the rest of the days, my friends and I just hop into a room, sit and talk about random useless stuff, laughing our way till the wee hours of the morning.

In the end, these nights will become the “good ol’ days” and moments to cherish :’)

  1. Discover yourself326306351

Hostel life offers a very strange yet unique way to discover yourself.

For instance, when you get bored of the usual routine, studying or doing assignments, you look for creative ways to keep yourself entertained – like reading a novel, sketching or listening to music. It is then that you find out about your hidden talents which become a plus point to your personality and even your career.

  1. Become responsible1

The greatest gift a hostel can give you – being responsible and mature. You become responsible for your own actions, right or wrong. You realize the value of time and money and set up your priorities. You tend to become less dependent on parents and others and more self-sufficient and independent. Living in a hostel teaches you all this and that too in a short span of time! Much wow.

  1. Unlimited fun!giphy

Each day, every day. The perks of living in a hostel would be incomplete if I don’t mention the most important thing – fun, fun and more fun! No limitations, no boundaries, just pure fun. Be it dancing the night away in your rooms on a weekend or just simple pleasures like sharing noodles or a cup of coffee with roommate, hostel has it all! Not to forget, the craziness that comes when you celebrate birthdays in hostel.

Needless to say, hostel is my fortress and the years spent here would be the best years of my life!

If you get a chance to live in a hostel, grab the opportunity and experience all the above yourself.

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