5 Questions with Kunal Sangwan: Person of the Day

1.      Who are you?
“Who am I”, “what is my purpose in life”, “why am I here on Earth” frankly are the questions that always intrigued me. On a lighter note, I am a male Aquarian who recently graduated in Computer Science. I am someone who believes that we all are nothing but recycled star-dust as the atoms in our bodies were manufactured in stars long before we were born at the time of Big Bang. I love fixing computing errors (from minor to the major ones) and while I am not doing that, you can find me reading about quantum physics, artificial intelligence, operating systems and the “internet”. I firmly believe that a computing machine can be made to work according to your needs; one just has to know how to toy around with it.

Kunal Sangwan - Fixer of Computing errors, DNA Coder, Random topic speaker

2.       What does Manipal/ManipalBlog mean for you?
Well, I have never been to Manipal yeah but I do enjoy reading the posts on Manipal Blog specially the ones by Mr. Sudhir Kekre. (It is one among my “bookmarks” on the tab.)

3.      5 Things only you can do are?
A tough one let me see. Hmm, well five things that only I can do might be:-

  1. I can code DNA and can use it as a pen drive to store digital information.
  2. My algorithm can beat WINDOWS OS GAME: HEARTS with a game winning probability of 92.3 %. (Actually it is OS independent, but I was too lazy to try and find the probability on Ubuntu.)
  3. I know little bit about how to monitor the S-Band DW Radar through web interface.
  4. I can build and program a ROBOT that can remotely deliver flowers, chocolates (and other things) to people on my commands (specially girls :P).
  5. I can speak on any random topic with a relative ease (my friends refer that to as I can bull shit about anything) 😀 Lol.

4.      How was/is life at ISRO?
Life back at ISRO was pretty great and fun. I interned there for a period of six months and that time taught me in depth about space
research in INDIA. I enjoyed, rather loved working on DWR’s (Doppler Weather Radars) and used to have five days a week working schedule. The labs, working environment is so great and you just don’t feel like leaving them even on weekends. Personally, it’s a very proud feeling.

(P.S Though sometimes, I used to get so fed up with the South Indian Food, though no offence anyone :-p)

5.      What is 2+2?
What are we back to kindergarten now? *chuckles* : -)

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