5 Pizza Toppings that will Cope with your Macros

Nowadays no one likes to eat without knowing exactly what they are eating, including what is there on their pizza toppings. Moreover, due to the importance of fitness and health, people are becoming more and more interested in proper diet plans. Still every now and then a little one or two cheat meals cause no harm and also cheer you up. But it doesn’t mean you can eat anything and that’s where macronutrient foods come into play.

Macro foods contain three main parts carbohydrates,  protein, and fats which supply your body with energy and increase the cellular growth, immune function and also overall repair system of our body.

Pizza is also considered to be one of the foods being called macro for its properties. You can order the best pizzas from Domino’s with some amazing weekday offers to avail special discounts. Healthy-Snacks-Pizza toppings

Check out 5 of the most wanted pizza toppings that can make your macro taste more delightful and enjoyable are-

  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage
  • Mushroom
  • Cheese
  • Bacon


Per serving it gives you around 504 calories, having a macro ratio of 5.1:1. It provides you with 46.3 g of fat and around 19.3 g of protein. It is considered to be on the top of charts regarding the choice of toppings. Pepperoni also offers quite a good amount of fat and as we know fat is needed in our diet for the absorption of vitamins and energy to perform a number of activities the whole day.

It also provides the fat and protein which is helpful in grounding the surge in our body of the hormone serotonin, which promotes sleepiness and also tends to flow freely even after you had a meal containing carbs only.


Per serving it gives you around 346 calories having macro ratio 4.7:1. It provides you with 31.3 g of fat and 14. 3 g of fat. It is also proved to be one of the best preferences in the case of pizza toppings. These sausages contain several grams of complete proteins which help in maintaining lean muscle mass and hormone balance. Sausage also contains Vitamin B12 which is a nutrient helpful for red blood cells. Vitamin B12 consumption also helps metabolize fats and proteins and also prevents nerve damage.

As we all know sausage is made from meat and meat is a good source of vitamins B and D and also of minerals iron and zinc, so a sausage can always fit into whatever diet you follow but only when taken in moderate levels.


Per serving it gives you around 22 calories having a macro ratio of 0.1:1. It provides you with 3.1 g of protein and 3.3 g of carbs. It is not so favoured by all but in case of benefits, it really is the one to choose from. These kind of toppings are more recommended in case of males as it helps to prevent prostate cancer and also provide protection against free radicals with the supply of a high dose of selenium. Due to the presence of antioxidants, it can also help in increasing your longevity.

According to clinical studies, having shiitake mushroom on a daily basis can improve your immunity against diseases that can’t be even found nowadays in pharmaceutical drugs also. In other research, it has been found to have beneficiary results against respiratory infections also.


Per serving it gives you more than 300 calories based on some specifications it may vary a little. It has a macro ratio of 2.7:1  giving around 30 g of fat and around 25 g of protein. Cheese is also considered to be one of the good fats due to its good benefits. If you use Parmesan cheese which is low in fat and high in protein and also has higher levels of calcium than normal Mozzarella cheese, then the health benefits go even higher. It also contains zinc, riboflavin, phosphorus, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A. It also has a high concentration of Vitamin B which helps in bone strengthening.

The high calcium content in it increases the teeth strength, and also protects the teeth from cavity. Low fat cottage cheese helps you get shiny and healthy hair.


Per serving it provides you with around 417 calories having a macro ratio of 6.4:1. It provides you with 39.6 g of fat and 12.7 g of protein. Bacon is one of the most favored pizza toppings all over the world by the ages of all people. The bacon has a good amount of fat and most of it is unsaturated fat containing oleic acid. This oleic acid is what makes olive oil beneficial and healthy for the heart. It has essential vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 and also a good amount of minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium.

In this way, toppings are added to the pizzas to make them more interesting because pizzas nowadays are not just food but a religion. At Domino’s pizza, India’s largest pizza delivery, have it all covered. They offer fresh toppings for their fresh pan thick or thin-crust pizzas according to your choice with some of the best and trending weekday offers. Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, they have a wide range of varieties of pizza toppings such as onions, extra cheese, olives, baby corn, golden corn, paneer and also barbecue chicken, hot and spicy chicken, and chicken salami, etc.

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