5 Clear Signs You Are in The Wrong Career

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Ever stopped to think about whether you are in the right career? How do you feel about the job you are in now. It can be safe to say that no career can be enjoyable all the time. However, you find that some cases are usually quite extreme. With people going to bed while dreading having to wake up the next morning to head to their workplace. It may be engineering, teaching, Online PsyD, driving, etc.

Just because you dedicated yourself enough to have a degree in a certain field and also have experience in it doesn’t mean that it is the one for you. Okay, so changing your career from being a lawyer to a teacher may seem like a drastic, impractical move. However, you must also note that change can revolutionize how you feel about life itself.

So, you can get it wrong the first or second time, but eventually, if you finally realize the career path that you believe best suits you, don’t hesitate to go for it. You don’t want to end up stuck in the wrong career where you end up more miserable each day that passes by for the rest of your time there.

Career coaches at https://cala.net.au/ advise that you take note of these five pointers to test whether you are in the wrong career

Your heart is not in it

When in the wrong career, you will be able to tell almost right away. From the time you start neglecting certain areas of your job. At other times, you only feel like you are going through the motions, watching the clock all the time as you check items off your task list. A job where you have no care about how other people perceive you and do your work without any interest.

You are always struggling just to keep up with your tasks while everyone else seems to be excelling. Always wishing that you were somewhere else or maybe providing seasons of discouraging results. All these things are enough to diminish anyone’s career employment. Plus, they are all the pointers that you need a change of career.

Work constantly drains you

wrong career drained outAt other times, it may be your job that’s depleting your energy. Therefore, you feel like getting out of bed every morning is becoming increasingly difficult and by the day’s end, you are always too exhausted. You have to handle repetitive tasks at your workplace which is incredibly boring for you. Sometimes, maybe even the work you are in is too demanding that it leaves you with no time for relationships and families. By this point, you must know that something needs to change about your career.

Pay attention to the physical signals your body is showing like migraines and digestive problems. All the days you had to report sick to have a mental health day. Add all this to all the days you had to report to work late or checked the time to see how soon you had to leave. You even count down the periods between holidays just to get some time off work. If you are in this category, then know that you are wishing your life away already by doing something that you do not enjoy.

You hear yourself complaining

Ever had the feeling of wanting just to roll your eyes or pull your guts out when someone asks you about your job? Maybe a client gets into your office and starts talking to you, but all you’re thinking about is when the day will end so that you can check out. Patients seeking to get help from your Online PsyD skills and knowledge but all you feel are long days in an oppressive environment.

You aren’t proud of the work you do and are always at war with yourself about how your work is dissatisfying. It is normal to feel some dissatisfaction from time to time about certain things in your workplace and other job responsibilities. However, if you find yourself complaining about how much you dislike your job all the time, then you don’t have any joy in what you are doing.

You are jealous of other people’s careers

The moment you start being jealous of what other people are doing, know that your job isn’t fulfilling to you. And jealousy can be a very bad thing. Essentially, it will be a clear indicator of what your deep inner desires are. In this case, the work you feel you’d rather be doing instead. Look inside yourself and assess why you feel envious about your friend’s work. Maybe you are just coveting the recognition your friend’s supervisor gives him/her or you just wish you felt the same sort of passion for your work. Know the jobs that trigger feelings of jealousy in you and start from there.

You feel trappedwrong career trapped woman stand in front of glass mirror

At times, the feeling that you are in the wrong career is instant. From the moment you realize that you just hate your job. However, you feel like you have no other but to work there. But if you were offered another option, you would jump at it with both hands. You have no desire to try and make your current career work. Instead, you are always looking for other options and new career goals that aren’t related to your current work.

Take the medical career, for example. This career branch has so many paths that you can choose from that you may get swayed into specializing in one when your heart lies on another. Maybe you specialized in dentistry when your heart has always been in Online PsyD. You will feel trapped in your current career and look for any way of shifting to the job you really desire.

Final thoughts

Selecting the wrong career is usually a detrimental move for anyone. But it is one that most of us tend to make before we finally land ourselves in the careers that we desire. Some people get lucky enough to know what they want to do in their futures from the word go.

Others, on the other hand, need time to figure it out. So, never fear or feel anything less than dedicated even when you realize that you are in the wrong career. Simply work on how you can change course and shift to the career you desire and see how it works out for you.

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