5 Basic Healthy Rituals For Maintaining Your Body Fitness.

Body fitness isn’t a choice, it’s a must.

body fitness
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“Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn.

Jim here definitely knew what he was talking about. Watch me ramble for a good number of words on why your body is a temple and you need to worship it. Wait, do you worship temples? Anyway, the reason I said ‘ramble’ is because we often talk about following a healthy lifestyle but fail to go through with it. I ramble if you read this and forget about it; I help if you consider it worth following. The ball’s in your court. Now, pick up that ball and go play. See what I did there?

Body fitness isn’t a choice, it’s a must. It not only helps you stay fit and healthy, but it also aids in you having a healthy state of mind. We tend to feel positive and fresh when we’ve finished that 10-minute abs workout. Sore, yes. But positive. To a great extent, practicing a healthy style of living takes you far. Very far. Like that morning run will take you. See what I did there again?

Now, let me take you through simple rituals you can implement to help you be a better you.

Remember, One Day or Day One, your choice.

Wake up early.

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“Take excellent care of the front end of your day, and the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself. Own your morning. Elevate your life.”

― Robin Sharma. 

I think the quote pretty much explains why waking up early. If not, here, take another: 

“The first step to win yourself is to wake up early”

– Sukant Ratnakar.

Waking up early helps you have a positive outlook for the rest of your day. It helps you enhance your productivity. Not just that, you feel fresh. And hey, having an extra hour doesn’t sound so bad now does it?

Aside from all that, waking early in the morning gives you time to exercise or go on a run. In the morning, you are more focused and it aids you extensively in shaping your body.

Drink water.

This sounds like advice ripped off from your good manners-bad manners chapter in grade one. I know. But if you’ve been taught all about this ever since you were that little, it must be important right? It is. Drinking an adequate amount of water has its own health benefits. And in particular, it helps you have a healthy body because of various reasons. It helps you push away the fatigue, plus makes the oxygen supply top-notch. And it is proven that drinking a good amount of water aids in weight loss. Stay hydrated, homies.

For Excellent Body Fitness Exercise.

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Pretty obvious, right? You want a fit body, you exercise. But hey, exercise does more than just tone your abs, slim your legs. It helps your heart stay fit. Protect the heart at all costs, right? It also helps you fight fatigue and diseases. Body fitness is just about staying thin and slender. No, it is important to feel good on the inside too. Exercising helps you have proper sleep, balances your blood pressure, and makes you strong.


You are more likely to meet your goals if you acknowledge the little achievements. It could be anything from waking up early, drinking that extra glass of water, making the effort to do the final crunch, even something as small as thinking of enhancing the quality of your life. Once you give these things a moment of your attention and then pat pat on your back, you’ll strive harder and become stronger. It’s the little things. 

Eat healthily.

Great, you woke up early, chugged water down, exercised, and patted your way through but still maintained an unhealthy diet. Uh-oh, having a healthy diet is sooooooo important. All of your efforts in staying fit go down the drain if you don’t eat healthily. Eating enough and eating healthy is your goal. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you bid farewell to those cupcakes. No, eating everything in proper moderation is essential. It is imperative that you don’t pollute your body with unhealthy junk. Stay fit, eat healthily.

There you go, I rambled for a good 700 plus words. It is your choice to allow me to help you by doing something, something awesome with your life. And didn’t you hear? It’s cool taking care of your body now. So, go do it. 

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