Which one should I opt for between IHM Mumbai and WGSHA Manipal?

IHM Mumbai Vs WGSHA Manipal

Pursuing any particular course and choosing between two reputed colleges, especially is a tricky task for any student. It is a life-changing decision hence, has to be made very carefully. For students interested in hotel management, the two good options that lie in front of them are IHMs and Manipal because both have them have been counted in the top five institutions for hotel management. Both have their benefits regarding the course based on which we will decide which one is a better option.


IHM is a globally recognized institution for hotel management and is primarily known for the placements of students. The institution has the best faculty along with facilities, which really sets it apart from most other government educational institutions. Some cut-offs are laid out every year for students based on which admissions take place.


Being a student at IHM involves the grooming of your entire personality as the institute teaches you to be a better version of yourself. Students across the country, who have studied at IHM, Mumbai have really appreciated how their curriculum was structured.


IHM, Mumbai, is known for its placements and opportunities that are given to students along with other IHMs across the country. Most students have been placed in reputed companies until now, where they have a head start for their career.


The fee for the program at IHM, Mumbai, amounts to 47000/- for a B.sc course. The amount differs for NRI students and other courses like food production. The approx. Fees for all courses still lies between 30000/- to 50000/- for the entire program.


WGSHA is another institution that is counted as the top one in India and globally, as well. It is the only college that is globally recognised along with one of the IHMs. The college has received glory through years while being the first college giving Bachelor’s Degree in hotel management. It is a private research institute in comparison to IHM, which is a government institution.


Given it is among the best hotel management institutes in India, the course is very well structured for its students. The college has many tie-ups with international universities, so there are many opportunities available for the student.


Along with international tie-ups, the college has placed many students in the country as well. Constantly, events like Chef’s conclave keep happening around the campus, which helps students reach out to the industry in a better way. The placements are mostly done around the country, and only a selected few get the opportunity abroad.


The fee for WGSHA has to be paid semester wise, and the total course fee amounts to 13 lakhs approx. The college has facilities and opportunities which justify the fee structure.

IHM Mumbai or WGSHA Manipal: The verdict

Both institutions stand for a good position when it comes to education. WGSHA Manipal has excellent international and national exposure for its students, which makes it the best option if the student is willing to pay the amount of fee being asked. IHM, Mumbai is nowhere behind when it comes to opportunities. Any student who joins either of the institutions will surely have a good career after that. The simple benefit of going for IHM Mumbai is the fees, but WGSHA Manipal offers a degree program where IHM has a diploma program. Students from both institutions have been placed in great places despite the difference between the two.

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