The Shocking Transformations Done to The Financial Services by Blockchain

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In the few years that Blockchain technology has been in our lives, it is only right that we acknowledge some of the transformations it has had in it. And the very first point to hit home is on how fast Blockchain technology has made transactions quick and super-easy. Yes! Blockchain technology does a lot more than just support Bitcoin. This is also evident in the way Blockchain technology, and services have changed various programs through the Fund Tokenization platforms.

Blockchain technology is already making headlines in how it is already transforming how people make payments. Today, it is more evident that people do more banking and banking services online than ever before. Thanks to blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain?

Most people already have a rough idea of what Blockchain entails from Bitcoin and other exchange coins. A more detailed expression of what blockchain really is explains that it is the technology that works to facilitate trust between online trading partners. So, yes! Blockchain is what makes Bitcoin and other coins possible to transfer. And today, you can transfer a lot more than that through the internet and be confident that the transactions will complete successfully. And we owe all that being possible because of blockchain technology.

To get better knowledge on how far blockchain technology has brought financial services, check out the points mentioned below

Money transfer

Money transfer from one person or organization to another is one area in sending and receiving money that’s always ripe and open for improvements. Take banks, for example, which are already using blockchain technology for remittances. And banks do this rightly so. As many people and businesses alike send billions upon billions of dollars internationally and locally every year. This process has continued to become cumbersome and expensive as the yearly transactions keep growing.

That’s why some businesses turned to Bitcoin as a safer, less expensive way to move their money. However, banks too, in as much as they have employed blockchain technology in their transaction processes, try to use it while also minimizing exposure to cryptocurrency.

Take Ripple, for example. You find that many banks have partnered with transacting organizations to facilitate their cross-border payments. Ripple uses blockchain technology to make all this possible as swiftly and securely as possible. Blockchain-based transfers have helped banks save tons of money and time as the customers also benefit from these effects.

Inexpensive, direct payments

Before blockchain technology, when you transferred cash, your money typically moved through banks and many credit card processing networks. Not to mention, the many other intermediaries that could sometimes be involved as well. All of these processes could make your transactions turn into something quite complex and expensive. The thing is that every service provider expected to earn a specific fee for whatever part they played in your transactions.

Well, you can kiss all that goodbye now. As blockchain technology works to make your sending and receiving payments a lot easier, safer, and cheaper. You can now send and receive your payments with confidence. Blockchain-based payments are also irreversible. This has also helped make this process more impossible for scammers to get into.

Plus, the fact that blockchain technology has also made online and international transfers relatively cheaper compared to using bank products is also a factor to note. Think of it this way. Before, the only way you could transact when making a high-priced sell or purchase was through cash, wired transfers, and cashier’s checks. But then the cash is still very dangerous. The wired transfers are pretty labor-intensive. And the cashier’s checks are easy to fake. Your only safe, convenient, and inexpensive bet would be to use blockchain technology.

Transaction details

Blockchain technology is also perfect for tracking transactions. This can be quite useful in several areas when transacting. With this new Fund Tokenization process, you have to include your title details which are hard to tamper with. This makes title details the most efficient way to track ownership.

You can now also use blockchain technology to make smart contracts like automating activities. Say goodbye to all those activities that previously added cost, delays, and complexity to your transactions. Smart contracts can also be quite simple. As simple as having an indifferent 3rd party between two transacting people.

Combines with open banking, and encrypted smart contracts can lead to faster and more convenient automated lending decisions as well.

Financial inclusion

Blockchain technology has also enabled money transacting organizations to keep their transaction costs low. Not to mention, also allow startups to compete against even the big banks successfully. Safe to say that blockchain technology has helped promote financial inclusion. So, you find that today, those people who avoid using banks due to their high fees and rates and stuff like that can opt for the other blockchain-based solutions.

Today, all you need is a good mobile device, and you can safely and quickly transact your funds online. Digital IDs now also provide a large-scale solution to the times when it was extremely difficult to identify individuals.

Reduced fraud

As mentioned in the earlier parts of the context, blockchain technology has helped a great deal regarding hacking and other forms of fraud today. Blockchain also helps banks and other transacting organizations to identify individuals accurately and quickly. Thanks to the blockchain-enabled digital ID. So, in as much as you will hear other people still say that the rate of fraud and hacking has increased, if you use blockchain technology, you need not worry.

Final thoughts

Blockchain technology has, indeed, brought the world of online transactions a long way. Gone are the days when you could think twice about sending or receiving funds online. You can now do it with the click of a button on your mobile device. If you intend on opening a transaction business today, then you might also want to consider incorporating blockchain-based services as well. If anything, this is a crucial step that you must make. It helps make both you, your business, and your client’s lives easier and safer.

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