T.V. a waste of time, rots your mind

TV brain rot cartoon
The other day I was thinking about the importance of having a goal in life, and not just any pathetic, I’m gonna- take-over-the-world goal, although, at times, that seems like a great idea. I’ve walked around long enough with no ambition and/or drive whatsoever and, after a while, it becomes rather annoying. I mean, there are people out there that have come out of worst places than me and today they lead successful lives.
If you think about it, it is kind of pathetic to go through life with nothing to look forward to. To just lead a boring existence with no future is pretty pointless if you have the potential lo become someone great. Why let all that potential go to waste when you can use it to get whatever you want. Maybe you can travel all over the world and see, and experience things that most people just get to read about.

Or maybe you can just rot in front of a T.V. waiting for the opportunities that will never come to you unless you go out and look for them. I, myself, do not want to be stuck in some menial 9-to-5 job (unfortunately that is what I am stuck with at the moment ) where 1 have to do back-breaking labor for a pitiful amount of money and where I have someone breathing down my back constantly.
Why? When I can go out and make something of myself besides a fool. I know some people who have the potential to become billionaires because they have skills that others just dream of. Instead, they sit at home all day long doing absolutely nothing but wasting away in front of a T.V. It makes me rather angry to see so much talent go to waste simply because the person refuses to do anything to use it.
 What’s worse, when I try to encourage them to do something with their lives, their stubbornness gets in the way and they steadfastly refuse to rise above their misery. I may not be the best person to be giving advice on such matters, but I figure that if no one else points them out they won’t even notice what they have got.
So please put your brain to good use instead of polluting it with crap.

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