Life is a race…

Why life is a race, can’t it be a peaceful journey? A big question before all of us…..

Always at every point of life, we compete with others to win and retain our position in the society.

Life is a Race

From the birth of a child, initially he is forced by the parents and teachers and they are themselves forced by the society itself, to win and become topper in every competitions and studies. Then after completing education and having a job, he competes with his colleagues. Then, the competition to get high position in the society in terms of money, reputation, standard, facilities e.t.c. the competition is still not over when he grows old, then he does competition between his children and other’s children and the process continues……..all this is forced by the society, and we blame the society for that. I want to ask one question-what is society actually? Isn’t it made of us only? Aren’t we blaming ourselves.

I am not saying that race is bad, infact race is important for our development and progress of humans and thus society.

But race is necessary to a certain extent and its excess can be very dangerous for us. In its excess, a man become selfish to such a great extent that he started thinking of himself only and as a consequence of it, all his friends, relatives start leaving him alone and at the end, he become such isolated and alone that he has nobody to talk to, nobody to share his feelings e.t.c and then he feel his life a burden on himself and become unhappy and sad.

Remember that happiness comes in giving more without selfishness and not in getting something.

So, we should compete but we should not be jealous and selfish. then the life will be healthy and peaceful race for us…………………….


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