The 10 am to 10:30 am Break

An Old picture of Holi celebrations at Kamath Circle MIT Manipal

We thought we’ll give you insight on what came up on our polls as the most famous/best part of college life. In every working day in Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), we get a half hour break from 10 am to 10:30 am after the first 2 morning lectures. This break is usually used by people to eat something at the Canteen (because of the missed breakfast as almost everyone gets up and just rushes to the class) or to catch up with someone or just “Stress Busting” at Asha Kiran Stores (popularly known as Sheela’s).

All this will be a thing of the past. Source: the manipal journal

The coffee shops outside the NLH are absolutely packed during this time with many people simultaneously getting photocopies of assignments to be submitted later in the day and/or having a quick bite or just looking for friends from other class. So, not surprisingly the area in front of Om Xerox is almost a mini mela thus giving an ideal opportunity for “socializing” or hanging out with your group or just to ogle at other people who are also ogling.

Some head to the Samosa Point (Close to the Polytechnic College) which supposedly has the best Samosas in Manipal (or maybe people in Manipal just need a “POINT” for everything) or some are just rushing into the library. Btw make sure you reach the Samosa Point soon as the samosas sell out very fast and it is always closed by 10:25 max.

Most of the seniors head to Sheela for a small break. A place which is DEAD at 9:55am is suddenly buzzing with at least 50 people during the break. A good place to catch up with someone or eat the famous “Chicken Patty “or” drink “Commander”/”Lime Juice”. You would find most people here bitching about early morning class/discussing the previous night party or complaining about the hangover. You would also be able to hear the latest gossip doing the rounds here.

Close to 10:27, this place would begin clearing out as everyone start moving back to campus. At 10:30 you can always see a select few still debating whether they should go to class or not, calculating the no. of bunks they have in the respective subject. By 10:40 this place is DEAD again.

Or there is the plain old canteen which is thronged by people as if it’s a birthday party with free chocolate cake. Looong lines aplomb, you should bother about standing in one of these queues only if the lecturer in your next class is not strict about returning on time, pin-perfect.

Needless to say, there are always those people who you might see everyday standing around for the first few minutes of the break and then just going off somewhere with their “Banda”/”Bandi”. A very rare sight among the first years during the first semester at least, couples are quite the essential scenery for this half hour duration among the seniors. They also provide ample material for the rumour-mongers.

This break is quite the measuring ruler to gauge just how popular you are on campus. Thus, if anybody who is a somebody around college, then this break is like a bible to a priest to them. For the first years, it is a great way to experience college life. And along the lines, you just might end up meeting new people.

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