Straight Outta Manipal: The Fresher’s Guide to Engineering

As most of you’ve probably come to know by now, Engineering is not without its fair share of diversity. What started out as 4 core concepts of Applied Science has bolstered a wide array of different fields of engineering for different applications that humans have come to use in the past few decades. MIT Manipal, not one to sit behind and let others take over, in its 61 years of existence, has made some pretty bold strides in the development of technology and the curriculum needed for said technology. Here is a short guide to all the different branches in MIT Manipal.


Straight Outta Manipal: Branch Change

MUOETs are done, and you have your score. Your ranks will be announced and you’ll get the according to your score. Getting into more sought after branches mean you’ll need a better rank than your peers. Even after your counselling and admission is done, here are 2 ways you can change your branch in the college. One is waitlisting for the branch you want and other is the Change of Branch after your first year.

Campus & Community

Chapter One: MIT Manipal Academics

Packing up for MIT Manipal, leaving home behind and embracing hostel life will obviously raise a thousand questions and depending on the student they vary from directions to the nearest library to the nearest McDonald’s. However, after all other research, people come the actual nitty gritty! The subjects! Here’s a comprehensive guide to your academics as a fresher!