You know you’re a “food-a-holic” when….











  1. Your ultimate comfort is food…not mum, not friends, not your significant other. JUST FOOD! Works all the time!
  2. You keep wondering about what’s for dinner while you’re at lunch.
  3. You sometimes wish you were a world class cook and did not have to depend on others to make your food just the way you like it.
  4. Your phone, Facebook or Instagram have more pictures of food than people
  5. You love talking about food and once you start no one can stop you.
  6. God save the world if you’re hungry and upset at the same time!
  7. Sometimes, playing candy crush does make you hungry!
  8. You’re always the food guru to who your friends turn to for recommendations and you happily oblige!
  9. You have an opinion about everything you eat, even if you can’t cook yourself.
  10. You will try almost anything not wanting to regret later.
  11. Your friends and relatives know exactly what chocolates to get you from overseas or at any time of the year for that matter.
  12. You always over- stock on food.
  13. Your holidays are planned mostly based on what kind of food is available in that place
  14. Everyone loves your cooking, even if you think it’s not so great.
  15. You may have tasted food from all over the world but mums food is always the BEST!


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