You know you are studying Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM) when…

One subject that almost every medical student abhors is P&SM and the textbook that comes with it !! Park!!
1. You start hating the colors pink and purple despite being a girl.
2. You need a water break every fifteen minutes when you sit to study, and the remaining intervals are spent in relieving yourself.
3. You look up every time someone enters or leaves the library- you require the smallest of distractions to tear your eyes off from the frustrating small text of the book.
4. You have coffee with every meal of the day, hoping that it will get concentrated in your blood and help you to stay awake for at least an hour once the book is in your hands.
5. You have stopped saying ‘ I am studying’ , the more applicable version now is ‘ I am TRYING to study’.
6. You check your blackberry messenger and whatsapp every fifteen seconds just for some excitement in your drab life, and keep shuffling your status updates between ‘bored’, ‘frustrated’, ‘sleepy’ and ‘ want to kill myself’.
7. You really hope that John Everett Park is hiding somewhere, fighting yellow fever, scrub typhus and leptospirosis, with no immunity whatsoever against any of them.
8. You have started reading English Essay Books and Novels, good vocabulary and an engaging style of writing is the only ticket to passing in the PSM exam.
9. You are aware now that if PSM drives you to committing suicide , you should add a post-script in the suicide note for your parents stating ‘Please register my death within 7 days or you will be fined as per the rules of the Central Birth and Death Registration Act,1969. ‘
10. Frustration is driving you bald, not because of hair loss problems, but because you voluntarily pull at your hair everytime you are faced with the prospect of reading about National Health Programmes and Primary Healthcare Services.

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