Working with Themes

Taking pictures is like writing an essay. You want it to tell a story, take a stand, give examples and allow for debate. For that, you need to get your work organized in such a way that it’s understandable to the general public. Like a writer, a photographer is a story teller. However, instead of using words you use pictures.

Working with themes is a great way to practice your photographic skills. When deciding a theme, you can choose:

  • Similar subject matter
  • Similar technical composition
  • Similar mood or feeling


It’s good to learn how to work within themes, because later when we get an opportunity to create a portfolio of our photographs, we’ll be asked to organize it by a particular theme. Likewise, if you happen to get your work shown in a gallery, a theme is a must. Galleries will never put up a mishmash of photos on the walls. They need to be organized according to a theme.

Moreover, a theme defines your style and your conceptual approach towards the way you perceive your surroundings. Photography is not just clicking eye-candy pictures, it is a vibrant and evolving medium with an extensive range of seeing. It’s not just about fun visual finds but it’s also about being inspired and creating interesting works of art.

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