Wonderland – Vaishali Sharma


Wonderland - Vaishali Sharma 1A little girl ran away

From the kins who derided her dreams;

To the land of her fantasies

Where the play of angels comes to life,

Giving hopes to the blinded eyes

That there exists a chimerical moor,

Where spirits soar with a whirring loom.


She entered a land of surroundings dark,

Her heart leaped with fear, couldn’t stop

But holding the fable of her dreams,

She crossed the bridge of eternity

Reached out her hand through the veil,

Of darkness to hold a lovely light

And unleash her soul to the skies.

She kept on following the source bright,

And came to a stream iridescent white

“My dear stream, do you know,

Where exists the land of my fantasies?”

“Yes”, replied the stream in her magical voice,

“Carry your dainty feet to the Mountain Might”

Who lulls the heavy hearts

To a tranquil sleep, granting a great serendipity.


She held her light , ran to the Mountain Might

“My dear mountain, are you my fantasy?”

“No, my child”, echoed the mighty mount,

“Your destiny lies within the oceans deep

Where slumbers the treasures of Aphrodite;

Where love will give you wings to fly,

And  fulfill your dearest desires.”


She grabbed her light and entered the oceans deep,

Where lay the treasures in a magnificent sleep

In the depths of that enchanting place,

She caressed a crystal that came to life

“My heart tells me what you seek,

But my fair lady, I am too meek

To carry you to that cryptic moor,

Listen! Oh listen! Your fantasy does exists

Into the stars , beyond the moon,

Fly away with your elegant wings

To a place where there is an eternal spring.”


Up she soared into the sky with light

In her hand,  with her faith so bright;

She was about to enter her magical land

“Oh my dear sky, are you my fantasy ?”

“Yes”, replied an angel from the skies

“But this is not the place you seek,

Your wonderland lives in a blessed lore

The  mysteries of which your kins could not pore.”


“Your fantasy always lived,

Where  it was meant to be.

Now go and live the dreams of your heart,

Where  lived your fantasy from the start.”

The light entered into her  own  heart

And so the dream of Wonderland embarks. . .

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