Wonderland – Laxmikanth Kamath


Wonderland - laxmikanth kamath 1O’ my love, the Dawn brings me your memories,

All my dreams, my mind, body belongs to you

Day or night, my mind’s so bright with your sweet memories,

Just like you go home at Dusk and settle down,

You have settled in my mind too

How you have been living in your house at the top of the mountain for a while,

You have lived in my heart all the while

How can I describe your beautiful face?

What can I compare your straight nose, pearly eyes to?

Can I compare your nose with champaka flower?

Can I compare your eyes with the vast ocean?

I fail to compare you with them ‘cause

They have already been compared with their

respective beloveds, by those stupid poets.

Oh yes, your mind can be compared to a doctor’s prescription

Ask why?

‘cause a doctor’s writing can be read only by another doctor

similarly, your mind is read only by God who created it.

I’d like to say one thing,

If I were a patient, you are the doctor

If I were a vehicle, you are the mechanic

If I were a path way, you are the traveler

If I were a huge tree, you are the cool breeze

If I were the water, you are the fish swimming within

If I were a lover, you are my love

Do you acknowledge O’ my Love?

I lose interest in my routine without you,

I feel there’s no meaning to my life without you

and that is why I love you so much

I know that I am on this earth only for your love but

Only God knows on this earth whom you share your love with,

What do you think? These are not mere words,

They are words emerged from the bottom of my heart

No wonder if I turn into a poet being in love,

No regrets either if I have to die for your love tomorrow.

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