Most people would tell you that they love spring. It is neither too hot, nor too cold, and everything is blossoming and fresh and new.

But for me, the season which affects me the most is autumn. Most people will find my opinion weird, because isn’t autumn the season when everything starts to wilt and die? Isn’t it the harbinger of winter? And we all know that winter is a cold, cruel and difficult season.

I beg to differ. The romantic that I am, I believe there is a surreal serenity to autumn. It is not winter yet, but it is cold enough to make you realize that winter is coming. The wind feels cool against your face, blowing away the sultriness of late summer.The sun is bright but yet, the heat cannot touch you.


There is anticipation in the air. Hard times are about to come, but there is something exciting about it. Trees are shedding their leaves, gearing up for the change, preparing to face winter. But there is a certain beauty to this change. It portrays the transient, ever changing nature of life itself, that good times may be followed by hard times. But it does not necessarily mean that the hard times will take away everything from us. We find happiness even in the most difficult phases of life, so we do in winter too. We come to love the harsh cold, even revel in it!

Autumn is a sneak peek into this beautiful change, telling us not to worry. Telling us that we humans will be able to see the beauty of winter too, like we do with so many other things, given time. And autumn can convey all of this to us even in the simple fact of the wind blowing against our face, the gently falling leaves or the breathtaking silence which is characteristic of this season.


The silent allure of this season can be so mesmerising, if only we were prepared to give it a chance. So the next time you complain about dry skin because winter is coming, just stop a moment and look at the softly falling leaves. Close your eyes and feel the coolness of the wind on your face. I bet you will be able to appreciate the austere beauty of autumn too.

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