You know it’s a Good Day When These Things Happen To You

Sometimes you can get a good read on the kind of day it’s going to be just by a 5 second event. On the other hand, you might chalk up the day to being an unproductive waste of time before you even get out of bed because you slept through your alarm. There are a ton of things that determine our mood and how we feel, but these things are sure to make for a great day.

  • Waking up with your hair in perfect condition

Yes you should shower everyday, but if you wake up and your hair is perfectly curled from the night before, wash your face and go on your way. Don’t bother ruining perfectly good curls just because it’s not exactly socially acceptable to skip a shower. Have a good day, and rock the by-chance hairdo.

  • Finding money in your pocket

You decide it’s finally time to put away the winter jacket and break out the denim. That in itself makes it a great day because it’s getting warmer out, but it only gets better when you find a $5 in your denim jacket pocket. Morning coffee paid for!

  • Having a balance on an old gift card

While you’re cleaning out your old purse, you find a few gift cards you vaguely remember getting for your birthday back in high school. They look fine so you check your indigo gift card balance and what do you know, you never even used it. Now you can go on a mini surprise-shopping spree after work.

  • Checking the scale

You’ve felt so bloated lately and you know you’ve had a few too many cheat days in a row, but you decide to jump on the scale anyway and check out what kind of damage control needs to be put in place. To your surprise, you’ve actually lost weight. It makes zero sense, but it means you can grab that bagel instead of the fruit cup.

  • Getting in a good workout

Working out absolutely stinks when you have to force yourself to do it. Have you ever gotten that random bolt of energy where you just feel invisible on the treadmill? If not, you’re with most of the population, but if you have, you know you had a great day after that exhilarating run.

  • Finally finishing a daunting task

Any college student knows how amazing it is when the day finally comes when you’re done with that ridiculously grueling group project you’ve been working on all semester. If you’re a little bit passed that, maybe you’ve finally hit a deadline for a big assignment your boss had given you. No matter what the task it, no matter what else happens that day, you know you’re going out to celebrate with drinks come the end of the night.

  • Making Plans

Sometimes you just need something to look forward to in order to get you through the coming weeks. If you just seem to be in a rut and have no end-game life can get boring. The second you plan a concert with friends, or a trip with your family, your day is going to get better (even if the actual trip is months away).

  • Waking up early and not being tired

Even if you’re not normally a morning person, there are those days when you just happen to wake up with the sun and feel absolutely great about it. If you’re not feeling drowsy, waking up early can make your day instantly great because it gives you more time to be productive.

  • Knowing you’re coming home to clean sheets

As random as this sounds, how great is it to anticipate flopping into bed on clean sheets that smell like clean cotton or a fresh meadow.

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