Why Boys Should Read Comic Books

Studies have found that boys are much more avid readers of comics than girls (Krashen 1998) and the comic book
industry responds by publishing many more comics that involve boys’ interests. Middle school boys who read comic books read more in general than boys who did not read comics, read more books, and enjoyed reading more. Comics have been a valuable tool for teachers who have reluctant readers, most of whom are boys. These children appear capable of reading, but have such low interest they don’t read enough material to continually increase their reading skill.

There are also compelling case histories of children who were reluctant readers until they discovered comics. Haugaard, (1973, p. 85) writes that her sons were “notoriously unmotivated to read and had to be urged, coaxed, cajoled, threatened and drilled in order even to stay in super slow group in reading” until they discovered comics.

Comic books are not sub-quality reading material. The more pleasurable your child finds reading material, the more he reads and the more his reading skills improve (Wahlberg 1984). Do not be put off by the fact that your son
doesn’t read books. He’s getting the same literacy exercise by reading comics, the sports section or a paper airplane manual.

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