Whole Grains: Make the Switch!


Whole grains foods are –

  • A good source of dietary fiber, help lower cholesterol, reduce constipation, and offer a feeling of fullness.
  • A natural source of B-vitamins, and minerals (iron, magnesium & selenium).
  • Often labeled “100% whole grain”
  • Examples are brown rice, oats, wheat, berries, barley, millet, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, and whole grain bread.Whole Grains: Make the Switch! 3

Getting Started

  • Whole grains may be prepared differently from refined (white) grains, so read cooking directions.
  • Check expiration dates and store whole grain foods in a cool, dry place.

Try, Try AGAIN

Don’t give up on whole grain foods if you don’t like the taste or the way it is cooked. Try mixing whole with refined grains.

  • Cook brown and white rice
  • Sandwiches: 1 slice white and 1 slice whole wheat
  • Pasta: mix regular and whole wheat
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