Which Sport is Easiest to Bet on

New bettors, who are still unfamiliar with this area, often think about which sport is the easiest to predict in Betwinner APP. And this is a slightly wrong question since each discipline has its own characteristics and factors that affect predictions.

But we will try to describe how to avoid difficulties in this matter. This will help the bettor correctly determine which option suits him best.6784528

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Solo or team?

At first glance, it seems that single sports are much easier. After all, there is no need to analyze the entire team, the capabilities of each athlete, etc. And this is really true. It is much easier to analyze the sports form of one player than the whole group.

However, there is another side. In sports such as tennis, for example, everything depends on only one person. And many factors affect his condition, which ultimately affects the game’s results. In team sports, the form of one player has little effect on the outcome of the entire match. Because several other athletes can show good results.

That is why, for example, football is much easier to predict than tennis. Even if someone gets disqualified, injured, or an unforeseen event occurs, it won’t end the game, and the chances of a strong team winning will remain just as high.

Therefore, all the same, those that are made for the whole team are considered easier and safer predictions.

Popular or little known?

In this matter, it is important to understand what are the features of each of them. Let’s start with popular sports. Their main advantages:

  • wide painting;
  • more detailed betting line;
  • the presence of a large amount of information for analytics;
  • are presented in different bookmakers and you can compare the odds.

Bookmakers always pay a lot of attention to such disciplines as football or basketball. Many events to choose from make betting easier and more varied.

As for unpopular sports, the following features can be distinguished here:

  • bookmakers pay less attention, which means it is easier to find underestimated events and get on steep odds;
  • less information for analysis and is only suitable if the bettor is well versed in the rules;
  • not such a wide betting line.

Thus, the lack of a large number of different rates and information can make life easier for those well versed in the discipline. A bettor can focus on a few important events and will not get lost in variety, such as football matches.

What factors make betting easier?

Certain information will make forecasting easier, and it does not matter what kind of sport it is. Here is a list of the data that you need to use when placing a bet:

  • recent statistics of a team or a specific athlete – give an idea of ​​the general physical form;
  • statistics of personal meetings of opponents – shows how they behave in the competition;
  • xg statistics – or expected goals, shows the probability of a goal scored, taking into account all the factors that may affect it;
  • odds archive – shows how bookmakers previously assessed the likelihood of events, how quotes changed, and whether the bet would have played or not if the player had applied his current strategy then.

It turns out that the easiest sport to predict is the one for which you can find the most similar information. As you can imagine, this includes the most popular disciplines.

So what to choose?

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that the easiest sport for betting meets the following characteristics:

  • is command;
  • refers to popular;
  • contains a lot of analytical information.

The most popular sports are football, tennis, basketball, and hockey. It is on these disciplines that they put most often. Since tennis is not a team sport and the individual factor greatly influences the result, it remains football, basketball and hockey. You can already choose what to bet better, based on your knowledge of these sports.

Of course, the influence of external factors, such as weather, is worth considering. It greatly affects football matches, but basketball has no such problem. In any case, it would be wrong to advise one particular discipline. Here, the bettor must choose independently, based on general data.

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