When does a Cyclist need extra salt?

Well everyone is different, and obviously you sweat more if it is hotter, or if it is a long event. Lance found that out this year. When you are in a hotter environment than you are used to, after 2-3 days you start sweating more which is a sign that you are acclimated or adjusted to the new temperatures. Team Swifthad that experience when they went to the Nationals in Texas and spent several days ahead of the competition training to get acclimated to the heat and humidity. When you are first in a hotter environment, the first few days you will need more salt in your diet or drinks. You can have V-8, salted pretzels, broth which is high in salt, or similar foods with a bit extra salt.How do you know how much you sweat?

Do a one hour intense training ride and do this simple test. Do this on a harder workout day, not a rest day.  This number will not be an exact number for every situation,

A very simple test.

1. Before a one hour ride, go pee, then weigh yourself buck naked.
2. Measure how many ounces of liquid you take with you on the ride.
3. After the ride, weigh yourself buck naked before you pee.
4. Measure how many ounces of fluid you drank during the ride.
5. Convert your weight in pounds to ounces by multiplying your weight in pounds by 16

Use this formula:

Weight before ride in ounces Minus weight after ride in ouncesMinus ounces of fluid consumed. The answer is the number of ounces of fluid you need per hour to replace the fluid you lose from sweat. Redo the test for rides in different temperature conditions.

Visit the USA Track and field site and see their complete self test for optimal hydration that I simplified above. Their test applies to running, but the same principles can be applied to cycling.

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