What sailed you through – Rachita Singh

Hope is such a liar
He promises to take you higher
He hums in your ear
When you become another Lear
‘That fate is going to sail you through’

Fate is not so great
He turns you into bait
Dangling you in front of luck
Hoping somehow it would work
‘Luck will sail you through’

Luck is such a gambler
He promises to be your fur
Keeping you warm with your dreams
But he isn’t what he seems
When he says ‘love will sail you through’

Love is the cruellest of all
He makes you into one of the ‘Poets of the fall’
Fuelling everything both good and bad
Making you seem so sad
And you don’t know who will sail you through

Then comes Humour in a hood
He always seems to be in a good mood
Making fun of everything in sight
He makes the road ahead look so bright
And finally you know what sailed you through

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