A trip to oblivion and back – A Poem by Rachita Singh

A+Trip+to+Oblivion+and+Back+ +Rachita+Singh

Drunkards swam past the raging sea
To reach their destination of glory
As she dwelt upon nirvana
Walking in the storm
Through the pouring rain
To exist once again
As an immortal being

As rays illuminated what was pure
The flame inside slowly died
And gave birth to Amor
Her only son
Her only dream
Making her feel like a ruling queen
She left with him by her side
But little did she know
His vicious ways
His transient spirit
Giving rise to lonely days
That she spent
When he left
Leaving her standing behind

Gypsies travelled far and wide
But she stopped to marvel
At the ruins of time
And the faces of white marble

Not knowing where to go
She shivered alone in the snow

A moment was gone
To regain the lost strength
That had followed her along
Raising her from oblivion
Carrying her safely back to the ferry
Bringing her back to the place she called home

As the years pass
She looks through tinted glass
At the smoke rising from the ashes
As she waits for the pain to surpass

Knowing she wasn’t alone
She smiles a smile that was partly her own

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