What Makes Baba Ramdev A Great Yogi

Baba Ramdev a Yoga Guru and a spiritual Leader from India, he is well known for popularizing yoga. His contribution in Yoga, Ayurveda, Agriculture and Politics are remarkable.

But beside this what is that which makes Baba Ramdev a Real and Great Yogi. Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 verse 54 – 72 describes “Who the Real Yogi is.”

Here I’m mentioning a few qualities of BABA RAMDEV which makes him a Great YOGI.

  1. Fearlessness:- According to Bhagwad Gita, Lord Shri Krishna mentioned Fearlessness as the first quality of a Yogi. Baba Ramdev always proved himself as a fearless person, no matter whether it is about Corruption or anything else.
  1. Moves with Ease:- This is a great quality of any Yogi that he feels with ease everywhere, No matter where he is and what he is doing. He always feels like home everywhere. If you visit Patanjali Yogpith, you will see Yoga Guru BabaRamdev Ji working like other working in the Ashram.Ramdev Cycle
  2. Charity:- This Charity (Danam) is a quality that every Yogi should have, Giving others anything what you have and anything what you can selflessly. His selfless help during the Nepal Earthquake of April 2015 is remarkable.
  3. Presence:– The presence of the Yogi is enough to feel everyone feel at ease. I don’t know you have ever felt or not, but I always feel some positive vibes touching me and refreshing me in his presence. He is the Only Non-Muslim who addressed Muslim religious leaders at their seminar.
  4. There are so many qualities in Swami Ji which makes him a great Yogi, He is Simple, Straightforward, Honest and Open-minded. He openly claimed that the Homo sexuality is a disease which showed his open minded thoughts.

Author Bio:- Pradeep Gharti is a part time writer and blogger who loves to read and write about fitness. Currently he is working as a Yoga Trainer in Delhi .

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