What if the Mahabharata was all a lie?


I am now reading Ajaya Book 1 – Roll of the Dice by Anand Neelakantan and am finding it quite interesting.

Ajaya – Epic of the Kaurava Clan is a story based on one of greatest epics of India, The Mahabharata. But, while Jaya was the story about the victory of the Pandavas, Ajaya is the story from the invincible Kauravas point of view.


The book is set in the backdrop of India’s most powerful empire. A revolution is about to happen and Bhishma, finds himself struggling to maintain the unity of his empire. Dhritarashtra, is the reigning King with his foreign-born Queen, Gandhari. Kunti, the Dowager-Queen, meanwhile waits in the background to see her firstborn son become the rightful ruler of the kingdom. The other key characters in the book are Eklavya, Karna, Parashurama, Balarama, Jara, and Takshaka. Amidst, all the confusion and power struggle, Prince Suyodhana, the rightful heir to the throne stands tall, determined to claim the throne. Meanwhile, in the corridors of Hastinapur a plot to overthrow the present King and conquer India is brewing. Who ultimately gets to sit on the throne and be the most deserving King?

Here is a brief teaser of the book and a review will be posted in a short while!

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