What happens if I miss my sessionals at MIT Manipal

Exam time fills you with a reasonable amount of nervousness and in some cases dread. Manipal offers so many excuses to not be studying and sometimes this leads to a situation when you are not completely ready to attend your sessional exams in the right frame of mind. This often leads to the very important question, most of us have – What happens if I miss my sessionals? What if I do not do well in my sessionals?

Well here is the straight answer – Nothing happens if you do not do well in the sessionals. You will have to put it behind you and see that you do better in the rest of the sessionals and end semester examinations. But if you miss the sessionals, then you may have to give the reason for the same to your teachers/director and then carry on with the rest of the sessionals to improve your GPA.

 End semester examinations are usually GPA deciding. The internal marks of first and second sessionals usually don’t make much of a difference.

The following scores are just a guideline and will help you place yourself in the right frame of mind.
13+ – excellent
11-13 – good
8-10 – decent
<8 – needs to work hard.

If you are 13+ in at least 4 of 6 subjects, just keep on studying as you were till now. If you are in 11-13 all the subjects, try to score 1 mark more (relative) in every subject in forthcoming sessionals. If you are 8-10 in all the subjects, work hard a bit more, usually if you can score 2 marks more in the next sessionals, you will make up for everything that you have lost.

If you are less than 8, then it’s time to put in some effort.

1st sessional examination scores do give a healthy output in the total aggregate of Year’s Grade. However, there is always scope to improve and it is obvious for many to not score well as they need time to cope up and mingle with the surroundings and the needs.

PS-You still have 3 more sessionals, 2 end semesters and after all 3 more years to improve your GPA. I think worrying too much about 1st sessionals of 1st year is a blasphemy.


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